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Indoor mapping specialist Situm is latest investment for Amadeus Ventures

Amadeus Ventures has invested in indoor mapping specialist Situm which uses GPS to help travellers use their mobiles to find their way around airport, train stations and other locations.

The Spain-based startup provides a mobile application for navigation but its technology also enables managers at train stations, hotels and other large facilities to get a real-time picture of where staff are.

In a statement, Victor Alvarez, CEO of Situm Technologies says:

“When travelling, we often find ourselves in new places and unfamiliar surroundings, which can be daunting. By delivering a minimal-infrastructure solution, and harnessing the power of personal mobile technology, we can quickly give travellers reassurance that they can always get to where they need to be.”

Amadeus Ventures, the investment arm of Amadeus, joins Unirisco and Xesgalicia in investing in the company. This is the 10th investment since it set up the division in 2014.

Katherine Grass, head of Amadeus Innovation and Ventures says:

“Improving operations and performance across all parts of the travel sector is a key area of focus for us at Amadeus. By working together with our own teams, developers and startups, we are focused on developing new ways to relieve the tensions that exist for all of us when travelling. Situm offers a really powerful solution and we look forward to having it as part of our investment portfolio and working together to solve some of these challenges.”

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